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Creative Sewing Club
Day Time Date Class Details
Saturday 10:30-12:30

January 20, 2018




On the Fringe

Fringe is making a comeback in all sorts of bogo-chic trends.  Learn how to use the Tailor tack Foot to give texture and style to your garment an accessory projects. 




Saturday 10:30-12:30

February 17, 2018


Zipper Upgrade

Details are everything!  Make the easy upgrade from traditional to invisible zippers with the help of the Invisible Zipper Foot and other finishing techniques for zippers.


Saturday 10:30-12:30

March 17, 2018



No need to buy new—learn useful mending techniques to increase the life of beloved wardrobe staples.  Using the darning foot, sew-on button foot and overlock foot.


Saturday 10:30-12:30

April 21, 2018


Precision Patchwork

Understand the difference between each of the Patchwork feet and how your patchwork can benefit from all of them!  Patchwork Feet.


Saturday 10:30-12:30

May 19, 2018


Diy at home

Do it yourself or die!  These accessories will help you tackle basic upholstery projects for the home.  Leather Roller foot, double cord foot, Walking foot.



Saturday 10:30-12:30

June 16 2018




Saturday 10:30-12:30

July & August


Saturday 10:30-12:30

September 15, 2018


What's next? During the summer months, all sewing machine companies introduce new major changes in their line up of sewing machines, software and accessories. We will reveal all and any new developments coming in future announcements.


Saturday 10:30-12:30

October 20, 2018


Saturday 10:30-12:30

November 17, 20178


Getting Ready for the Holidays

We will take our que from Bernina and Baby lock.  Announced classes.  Holidays are always fun!  Getting ready for it takes planning, especially if you are planning to entertain, give gifts and step out to a party on New Year's Eve.  Add to your current collection of ornaments, renew home decorations and make something trendy to wear.  This class will give you ideas to adopt for the holidays.

Saturday 10:30-12:30

December 15, 2018


Free Motion Effects

Thread painting and free-motion quilting are easier to do with the correct presser foot.  Discover the differences between the quilting foot and the stitch regulator.

Annual Holiday Party

We love good food, bring your favorite dish and celebrate the high lights of the season and sewing accomplishments. We will reveal new topics for the year 2018. Come and enjoy the festivities.

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