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Learn Sewing Techniques - Tips and Tricks

There hasn’t been a time in history when sewing was more exciting than it is today. There are more tools, accessories, thread, stabilizers, needles and other related sewing information to use than ever before and the list is growing. In this section, Sew Images will help give you tips and some tricks to make your sewing easier, fun, and less complicated. Visiting this page will give you ideas, motivation, and knowledge to make your creation a success.


Wondering about which needle to use? Wonder no more because there's an App for That! That's right . . . and it's free! My favorite feature is the section called Needles by Fabric Type. Just click one of over 80 fabrics and a SCHMETZ needle type will be suggested. Get an overview of the SCHMETZ App by viewing Sara's Heirloom Creations video on my November 12, 2013 blog post. CLICK HERE



SCHMETZ Hemstitch Needles

The Hemstitch needle is an odd looking needle. It has two little wings on each side of the needle. This needle is commonly used on light to medium weight loosely woven fabrics found in heirloom sewing and decorative cutwork. Multi-media quilters also like the unique stitch. This needle is wide, so make sure to switch out the single hole foot. By the way, the Hemstitch needle is also known as a Wing needle. Available in sizes 100/16 (#1772), 120/19 (#1787) and a Twin (#1773).

The Twin version is actually a combination of two different needles mounted on a cross-bar on a single shank: a Universal needle and a Hemstitch with a 2.5mm separation between the two needles.


The 10-Step Guide to Get Rid of Back Pain While Sewing

  1. Sit up straight.
  2. Don't bend your wrists.
  3. Relax your shoulders.
  4. Sit in front of the needle while sewing.
  5. Sit in a multi-adjustable chair.
  6. Position the foot control at a comfortable angle (do not extend your knee).
  7. Have plenty of light at and around your sewing machine.
  8. Use a table designed to hold your sewing machine. The kitchen table, or desk is too high for sewing.

Walking or even feed foot

Walking Even Feed Foot Sewing Oakland(Pictured above: Left - Bernina Dual Feed Walking Foot, Right - Baby Lock Even feed/Walking Foot)

No matter what you call this accessory for your sewing machine, it’s more valuable than gold. Try sewing Velvet, Corduroy, or slippery fabrics without it. You will get excellent performance with quilt sandwiches, matching stripes and plaids. This foot keeps your top and bottom fabric together while sewing. No self respecting sewing room should be without one.

Sewing Machine Workbooks

Baby Lock Workbooks Sewing Classes

What do you learn after taking your sewing machine guide classes? Plenty! if you have one of these workbooks for your sewing machine. This workbook is as important as using the right presser foot for your sewing project. Get the best from your sewing equipment. Buy a supplement to your owner's manual and leap ahead with techniques. Get your machine Workbooks at SEW IMAGES and watch your skills soar. Workbooks are available for Sewing Machines and Sergers.

Mastering your Bernina-bernette Sewing Machine Owners Manual Download Download Mastering Your Bernina/bernette Sewing Machine Owner's Workbook

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